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Faucets and Fixtures

Public Kitchen Supply's fixtures and faucets category offers automatic faucets, automatic flushers and the Krowne Royal Series of sink faucets. Its easy for fixtures and faucets to go forgotten when preparing for store openings. Public Kitchen Supply created a category specific to fixtures and faucets to help business owners remember this important tool.

In the fixtures and faucets category you will find brands like Rubbermaid, Browne and Krowne. Find faucets that are deck mounted, wall-mounted or automatic based on your need. The deck-mounted faucet is ideal for large sinks that are set up for a faucet. Wall-mounted styles are ideal for large sinks that are occasionally replaced, so you are not replacing the faucet as well as the sink basin. Automatic styles are designed more for restrooms than for kitchen usage. Auto Faucets, from Rubbermaid, use a SST technology to prevent users from having to touch the faucet and in turn helps to prevent the spread of disease and germs.

At Public Kitchen Supply we know that touch less restrooms help maintain a clean, healthy environment. Hand washing is one of the simplest and most effective way to prevent the spread of disease. We encourage business owners, especially in food service, to invest in quality fixtures and faucets. You will find what you need in our fixtures and faucets category.


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