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Commercial Charbroilers

Commercial charbroilers are ideal for a multitude of restaurant cuisines. All restaurants should have some form of a charbroiler in their kitchen if they plan on grilling food and want a hint of that smoky-just-grilled taste to welcome their customers to their restaurant. With choices between the number of radiants, gas or electric, natural gas or propane gas and more, a commercial charbroiler can essentially be customized to the kitchen it's going into without extra fees or modifications. Our brands at Public Kitchen Supply range from APW Wyott to Saturn Equipment and both offer heavy-duty and regular duty options. Between their stainless steel construction and the reversible cast iron burners, these charbroilers are made to withstand the continued use in a commercial kitchen. The benefit of a charbroiler over a normal range or grill is the delicious flavor that can be infused into the food. The smoky flavor is the key to a charbroiler and is perfect for chicken or steaks. A commercial charbroiler can sit on top of a countertop within a kitchen, making it an easy addition. It won't require remodeling nor will it require extensive reworking of your kitchen if you wish to remove it or add an additional unit. Most of our charbroilers also allow that each burner be controlled individually allowing chefs to prepare multiple dishes on the same charbroiler with their own unique temperatures. Restaurant chefs will appreciate the quality that they will acquire when they purchase one of the products listed within this commercial charbroiler category.


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