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Misc. Cleaning Supplies

We have a limited quantity of misc, cleaning supplies available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Cleaning Tools at JES Restaurant Equipment.

The Miscellaneous Cleaning Supplies category carries a wide arrangement of products. In this category, you will find a variety of helpful cleaning products. Come across products like Chef Revival's Neoprene Flock-Lined Gloves. These gloves keep your hands clean while you wash dishes or do other chores. Put a barrier between you and strong chemicals with the Neoprene Flock Lined Glove. Public Kitchen Supply's Miscellaneous Cleaning Supplies category provides other products like Update International's 3-Brush Glass Washer. This product allows you to quickly cleaning glasses. Restaurant owners know that allot of time is spent cleaning glasses. Glasses are necessary in every restaurant. Use Update International's 3-Brush Glass Washer for saved time.

Another great product in the Miscellaneous Cleaning Supplies category is Public Kitchen Supply's Chemical Bin. We created this metal shelf to hold chemicals where you need it. The Chemical Bin will keep your toxic chemicals in one convenient location. This product promotes organization and kitchen safety. We strongly encourage you the purchase this chemical bin if your business uses strong chemicals. In Public Kitchen Supply's Miscellaneous Cleaning Supplies category you will find countless tools that will help keep your business clean and functioning well. The Miscellaneous Cleaning Supplies category is a great place for restaurant to stop and shop. Feel free to click on our live chat button if you have any questions. The live chat button is located at the top right hand corner of your screen. Rely on Public Kitchen Supply.

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