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Hood Filters are used to remove fumes, smoke, heat and steam from your restaurant kitchen. Hood Filters promote clean air and a safer kitchen. Many restaurant kitchens need a hot filter, especially if these uses fryers, griddles and ranges. As many chefs know, the air in a commercial kitchen quickly becomes filled with food and grease residue. If a commercial kitchen does not used a hood filter or ventilation systems the dirty air can quickly leave a kitchen dirty, smelling bad and even lead to fires. Public Kitchen Supply's Ventilation category supply's ventilation appliances and hood filters in many sizes. The Ventilation category works with manufactures like Update International. You will want a hood filter that fits your restaurant well. We are sure you we have a size that will work well for your kitchen. Our Update International Hood Filters are made out of stainless steel. They are very strong, great for a restaurant kitchen. Update International made their hood filters easy to change. Update International's hood filters features a drop handle for added ease. At Public Kitchen Supply we strongly encourage every commercial kitchen to invest in a hood filter. This inexpensive, small purchase will keep your restaurant safe and clean. Hood filters are designed to be positioned vertically, based on the filters metal ridges. The vertical metal ridges will catch dirt and grease, storing the debris. Shop Public Kitchen Supply's Ventilation category today! We think you'll find what you're looking for.

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