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Panini & Sandwich Grills

We have a limited quantity of panini and sandwich available on our site.
We recommend shopping for Panini And Sandwich Grills at JES Restaurant Equipment.

You can add toasted sandwiches to your menu when you shop Public Kitchen Supply's Panini and Sandwich Grills category. Panini, melts and toasted sandwiches are extremely popular menu items especially at lunch time. If your kitchen is lacking a Panini or sandwich grill find one immediately in Public Kitchen Supply's Panini and Sandwich Grills Category. In this category, Public Kitchen Supply works with manufactures like Equipex and Adcraft. Both of these manufactures are known for their craftsmen ship and safety standards. In the Panini and Sandwich Grills category you can find various styles of Panini and sandwich grills. For a small, commercial or residential kitchen choose an appliance with a single grill. Public Kitchen Supply recommends Adcraft's Flat Plate Panini Grill. Another great option for small kitchens is Equipex's Savory Panini Grill. This Panini grill is built from stainless steel it has cast iron plates. It has a single, sturdy grill that's ideal for homes and small sandwich shops. If you're looking for a larger grill we have those too. For large, commercial kitchens consider purchasing Adcraft's Double Sandwich Grill with Grooved Plates. This grill can reach high temperatures. Adcrafts' Double Sandwich Grill with Grooved Plates can toast two sandwiches at a time. It is an efficient, sturdy grill. Most of the models in our Panini and Sandwich Grills category have a universal design that is sure to match nearly any setting well. Public Kitchen Supple encourages you to browse our Panini and Sandwich Grills category before checking out. Make tasty Reubens, cheesy tuna melts and other delicious sandwiches a staple on your menu.

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