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Coffee Fractional Packs

Coffee Fractional Packs, or Coffee Portions packs, as they're sometimes called are perfect for coffee airpots, standard coffee pots, or commercial coffee pots. Each of these fractional packs are packages of ground coffee that has been portioned for the perfect pot of coffee.

You'll select the size of pack you need based on the size of your coffee pot. For example, you may be interested in brewing 32 ounces of coffee using 2.2 ounces of coffee per pot; therefore, you can purchase the 220-ounce case which includes 100 packs. That will give you 100 pots of coffee with each box!

Within this selection of coffee fractional packs, there are plenty of different options. There are 110-ounce options with just 50 pack, 125 ounces, 330 ounces, 375 ounces, and more. These are great for public locations when it's possible that people may overfill or under-fill the coffee brewer causing too weak or too strong of coffee. No one wants to get a cup of coffee that's too weak or too strong and be stuck with it until that pot of coffee is empty. The solution is to prevent it by investing in coffee fractional packs.

Keurig Green Mountain is always looking for ways to bring coffee consumption to a new level, these Fractional packs are no different. They change coffee wasting to coffee deliciousness. Shop Public Kitchen Supply's wide selection of coffee fractional packs for all your ground coffee needs.
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