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Brew Over Ice Coffee

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Brew over Ice coffee options are great for summertime or just whenever you happen to be in the mood. Keurig has developed a way to brew not just hot drinks with their Keurig Brewing System, but also how to provide cold drinks for year-round. Our selection of Brew Over Ice Coffee is comparable to any other selection around. We, at Public Kitchen Supply, offer the sweet options like a Nutty Hazelnut from The Original Donut Shop that includes a sweet creamer in every K-Cup, or the traditional iced coffee flavor like the Nantucket Blend from Green Mountain Coffee.

Whichever your preference, you know that you will enjoy your cold cup of Brew Over Ice Coffee. These K-Cups are slightly different from others in the way that they brew. You need to have a large cup full of ice and brew the K-Cup over the ice, hence the name. The recommended amount is a 16 ounce cup with the brew setting on 8 ounces to get the true experience that Keurig designed for these K-Cups.

Add sweetener or creamer as you desire to your cold cup of iced coffee. Each K-Cup in these 88 count boxes ensure that you will have plenty of iced coffee to last you. Just remember to reorder when you're close to running out so you don't have to miss out on the delicious flavor that you surely start to crave after you've tried these Brew Over Ice Coffee K-Cups.
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