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Coffee and Tea Deals 10% Off

Coffee and Tea Deals 10% Off



Spend the beginning of each month browsing our selection of Coffee and Tea Deals. We select certain flavors to add each month. While we notify our customers of these deals by email, anyone not subscribed may miss out. So, we created a page specifically for our Coffee and Tea Deals. The flavors within this section are past their Best Used By date. Typically, these coffees are marked down approximately 30 days from their Best Used By date to give you the best price we can. Even though the date may come up quickly, we are able to give you the best deal you'll be able to find on the web for bulk coffee.

Do not hesitate to buy these coffee flavors! Keurig acknowledges that the Best Used by Date is a guideline for optimal freshness recommended by the Roaster, but is definitely not an expiration date. You are still able to enjoy thoroughly the rich coffee flavors with all of these coffees and teas. If you wish to ensure your coffee is as bold as you would expect, consider brewing a smaller size. If you typically brew a 10 oz or 12 oz cup, brew an 8 oz to get the robustness. Because of the way that Keurig coffees are packaged with nitrogen-flushed, and sealed for freshness and impermeable to oxygen, the coffees keep their flavor and have a shelf life of 18 months and tea/cocoa up to 1 year. Given the long time-frames, you can understand that these coffees and tea deals are ideal for offices or restaurants that go through coffee quickly. Order from this selection, drink up and enjoy all of your savings!
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