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ThermoWorks is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Public Kitchen Supply works with ThermoWorks to provide the world with their carefully crafted products. ThermoWorks manufactures thermometers. Temperature plays an intricate part in our lives, especially in the food industry. Chefs know that precise, exact temperatures make a difference. Food thermometers allow chefs to measure the exact temperature of their food. This is critical when cooking meats, baking pasties and many other dishes. When you shop ThermoWorks you will work with a small team of marketing specialist and engineers to find the thermometer that works best for your home or business. ThermoWorks and Public kitchen Supply take the time to understand your business's needs. Between Public Kitchen Supply and ThermoWorks, customer service cant be beat. ThermoWorks management has decades of experience in temperature measurement. Employees at ThermoWorks are regularly tested on thermometry and how ThermoWorks products function. Public Kitchen Supplys ThermoWorks manufacturing page carries items like the Thermocouple Probe, Fast Response. The Thermocouple Probe, Fast Response is ideal for commercial kitchens. It is built for liquids and soft semi-solids. While this thermometer can work with food it can work in an industrial setting too. It works with materials like rubber and plastics. The Thermocouple Probe, Fast Response is one example of ThermoWorks many products. ThermoWorks products are unique because they're extremely versatile, they can work with countless materials and liquids. Shop ThermoWorks at Public Kitchen Supply for your thermometers, we will help you find what youre looking for.

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