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Tucker Safety Products

Chef safety apparel is a vital safety tool, especially in commercial kitchen. Safety apparel protects chefs from cuts and burns. Failure to use the appropriate safety precautions can result in serious burns and injuries. Tucker Safety Products has been creating safety apparel designed for the restaurant and food industry for over 20 years. Proper safety apparel does more than protect chefs, it protects customers from cross contamination. On Public kitchen Supply's website you will find many Tucker Safety Products. We worked with Tucker to bring the best oven mitts to your kitchen. Browse our manufacturer page for oven mitts like the 12 High Heat Oven Mitt or the 15 Puppet Oven Mitt. You can find various oven mitt styles and sizes on the Tucker Safety manufacturer page on Public kitchen Supply. Tucker Safety Products puts careful detail in all there oven mitts. Their oven mitts are designed from materials like poly-cotton. Tucker oven mitts are made with materials that withstand oven and fryer-range temperatures. They are shaped to provide a high level of dexterity comfort and touch sensitivity. Oven mitts are necessary in commercial and residential kitchens. Buy your oven mitts from a manufacturer that has spent years designing safety apparel protects. Tucker Safety Products and Public Kitchen Supply will work with you to find an oven mitt that fits your hand well. Tucker Safety products strive for comfort, safety, durability and style. You will find professional oven mitts from Tucker Safety Products at Public Kitchen Supply.

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