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Krowne has been creating dominant stainless steel products for over 66 years. Krowne has proven themselves successful in the 21st century too. Krowne's continued success comes from a focused program of internal products developments, purchasing advanced automated production machinery and plant expansions. Krowne Metal carries products like refrigerators, hand sinks, faucets, replacement parts, standard underbar and royal underbar. Find faucets like Krowne's Cold Blue Replacement Handle or the Krowne Hot Red Replacement Handles. This red and blue handle set is ideal for color coding restrooms and kitchens. Krowne does not only provide superior products, they supply excellent customer service. Krowne Metal believes quality service comes first. Krowne always does their best to exceed customer expectations. Krowne pride themselves in establishing a personal connection with each of their customers. Krowne is NSF certified. An NSF certification verifies a products safety. Krowne is members of NAFEM and KCL too. These organizations keep Krowne Metal performing well. Public Kitchen Supply encourages you to buy from Krowne manufacturing. We think you'll find what you're looking for. If you would like help finding a Krowne product or purchasing a product from Krowne, contact us.

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