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Chemco Corporation is located in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The Chemco Corporation began in 1978, by Sylvia and Harvey Lewis. Since 1978, Chemco has been striving for the highest quality with the least environmental harm. Chemco strives to create products that are biodegradable and non-toxic. As a family company it's important to Chemco that their products are safe, family friendly. Chemco wants you to feel secure using Chemco products on your home or restaurant counter-top. Many of Chemco's products have a Green Seal and are NSF Certified. Chemco continually demonstrates that they use safer surfactants in their products. They document strategies for ensuring that only safer surfactants are used. Safer surfactants quickly break down into non-polluting compounds. Safer surfactants protect life in fresh and salt water. Chemco strives to minimize their carbon footprint. Even their products packaging is minimal and recyclable. Chemco Corporation cares about the earth, water and air. They are willing to take the extra effort for safer cleaning products. The Chemco Corporation is dedicated to your business's or home's cleanliness and safety.

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