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President and CEO, James J. Slattery, founded Venture Manufacturing Group Inc. in 2005. Venture Manufacturing works with state of the art equipment for outstanding metal fabrication. Venture Manufacturing works with dedicated, engaged employees that have experience making metal based products. Venture Manufacturing works to produce the best quality fabricated components. Additionally, Venture always tries to complete their job quickly while meeting or exceeding all of their customers needs. Venture Manufacturing works with Public kitchen Supply to provide products like the Microwave Shelf and Hardware or the 16 oz. Bottle Converter for 1/3 Food Pans. Venture Manufacturing Group Inc. products will help keep your business organized, attractive and running smoothly. Venture strives to continue their growth. They know the best way to expand is through hard work and customer satisfaction. Public Kitchen Supply works with Venture Manufacturing because we believe in their drive, their work ethic. Venture promises to effectively communicate with customers and employees when it comes to their products. If you ever have a question regarding Venture Manufacturing of a Venture Manufacturing project we will be happy to address it. We encourage businesses to shop Venture Manufacturing, especially if they work with allot of sauce bottles. Venture Manufacturing has several products that will keep your sauce bottles neat, tidy and organized.

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