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World Dryer

World Dryer Corporation has spent over 60 years developing their company. World Dryer is the leading global manufacturer of hand dryers. As hand dryers develop, increase in their technological capabilities there have been many benefits. Hand Dryers are reliable, durable, hygienic, environmentally friendly and save more money, compared to other hand drying methods. It was in 1948 that the first original warm hand dryer was created. Three years later the World Dryer brand was created. From the beginning, World Dryer understood that their hand dryers needed to be the best. World Dryer quickly realized that if they wanted to live up to their name they needed to be an international company, a difficult feat more than 60 years ago. By 1955, World Dryer commenced export sales with foreign distributors. Now, World dryer has distributors in more than 70 countries. As time has progressed World dryer has only gained momentum furthering success. In recent years World Dryer has come out with product lines like the SmartDri Plus hand dryers and VMax high speed hands-in hand dryer. You can find technological savvy hand dryers like these on the Public Kitchen Supply website. The World Dryer manufacturing page carries many of World Dryer's bestselling products. You can find hand dryers in many styles and prices. 

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