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Victorinox Swiss Army

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Victorinox Swiss Army was founded in 1884. Victorinox got its names because originally it was a company that delivered knives to the Swiss Army. Victorniox Swiss Army realized that soldiers needed a compact tool that could perform numerous tasks. As time progressed, Victorinox Swiss Army manufacturinggrew. The original Swiss Army Knife has changed and adapted overtime but its function remains the same; one tool numerous functions. Today, Victorinox has expanded its inventory to include other products. Victorinox produces well-made, sharp, durable cutlery like the 4.5" Victorinox Steak Knife. Public Kitchen Supply carries the Victorinox 4.5" Steak knife. This knife is great for professional chefs and home kitchens. The knives handle is ergonomic and slip resistant. You will be able to use this knife for hours at a time without becoming uncomfortable. Victorinox Swiss Army has earned a reputation for superior cutlery. You can trust the Victorinox brand to work well in your kitchen for years to come. At Public Kitchen Supply we are continually striving to work with the best manufacturers for our tools and equipment. We want out customers to feel safe, secure when they make a purchase. We know one of the best ways to do this with buying from brands that are familiar. You can find the Victorinox brand all over the world, in every institution. Universally, people keep choosing the Victorinox brand for its precession, durability and reputation. Shop Victorinox Swiss Army manufacturing on Public Kitchen Supply.

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