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Turbo Air

Turbo Air believes they have personal, direct responsibility to their customers. Turbo Air knows that their customers are key to future successes and endeavors. At Public Kitchen Supply we have this same mentality. You are our partner. Turbo Air and Public Kitchen Supply have come together to provide you the best possible refrigerators on the market. Find large, traditional refrigerators like Turbo Air's M3 Series Refrigerator or the M3 Undercounter Freezer. You can even find products like Turbo Air's 50 Refrigerated Sushi Case or the 59 Glass Bar Cooler. Turbo Air provides high quality, long-lasting refrigerators at an affordable cost. While Turbo Air's products are top of their class and their customer service is ideal, Turbo Air does more. Turbo Air gives back to their community. Turbo Air believes its their responsibility to conduct business in a fair, ethical manner. Turbo Air is dedicate to the environment and will continue to protect it. Turbo Air products are stamped with the energy star label. The energy star label is a United States Environmental Protection Agency that helps customers and businesses save money through energy efficient appliances.

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