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Vitamix is recognized as the market leader in blending technology. Over the years, Vitamix has received numerous awards for their efforts. Vitamix's awards and recognitions come from years of hard work, dedication. Vitamix started with William Grover Barnard in 1921. William Grover was one of the first people in whole-food industry. Barnard understood the importance of healthy, whole-foods before many others. When Barnard was introduced to a blender in 1937, he immediately saw its potentially. Barnard realized healthy food could be created quickly with a blender. Barnard began selling this blender and nicknamed the new product Vita-Mix. In 1949, William Barnard created the first infomercial, staring the Vita-Mix. Vitamix continues to develop its reputation in the Health Food and Food Appliance Industry. If you browse Public Kitchen Supply's Vitamix manufacturing category you will find many blenders and blender parts to choose from. 

Vitamix is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of commercial blenders and mixers. Vitamix only uses materials that they know can handle the abuse of the busy environment, plus they know what components help you do your job better. Beyond just the blending and mixing machines themselves, they've included optional blender parts as well as a long list of replacements parts to prevent you from having to replace the entire systems often. Their Vita-Prep 3 Blender along with the Quiet One blender are among their most popular blending systems for restaurants.

All of their commercial blenders are versatile, with most allowing for either in-counter or on-counter installation. They allow a variety of jars to be used from 32 ounce sized to 64 ounces, they even produce a jar that holds 1.5 gallons, making it an extremely popular blender jar for restaurants and food service locations. Beyond commercial blenders, Vitamix produces a line of Mix'n Machines Frozen Dessert Machines to help restaurants make shakes and malts. With a number of agitators available for these Mix'n Machines, they've thought of how to fulfill every need.

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