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Recognized as the leader in "On-Premise Baking" NU-VU is a great brand for commercial kitchens. Nu-Vu ovens are unique, distinct from their competition. NU-VU uses V-Air technology, this time-tested technology allows bread to bake faster than any convection oven. V-Air technology works by finding the perfect heat distribution throughout the entire oven. V-Air technology has been a part of NU-VU technology for over 30 years. An added benefit of NU-VU ovens is that the baker does not have to turn sheet pans or the open the oven during the baking cycle. The Foodservice Industry has become dependent on NU-VU for fantastic baking supplies. If you browse NU-VU on Public Kitchen Supply you will find products like the Bun and Food Pan Cabinet. This cabinet will keep buns and food pans and can hold up to 18 full size pan or 36 half size pan. NU-VU created this cabinet of aluminum, making it strong and great at conducting heat. NU-VU's Bun and Food Pan Cabinet is one of many products you purchase from NU-VU. If you would like help finding something, Call Public Kitchen Supply at 1-800-458-1716. NU-VU baking products will help you serve customers faster. It will increase table rotations when your restaurant is busy. NU-VU products are of course ideal for bakeries too. Bake delicious pastries faster without sacrificing taste or texture. Buy from a manufacturer that designs their products to bake many food products at one time, NU-VU. An ideal manufacturer for commercial kitchens and commercial bakeries.

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