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Keurig® is known for their Keurig® coffee brewers and K-Cups. Keurig® coffee brewers work by using a small paper filter that is fitted inside each K-Cup®. Keurig® fills their K-Cups® with your favorite gourmet coffees, teas and hot cocoas. Next, the K-Cup® is sealed shut. Next, just place your K-Cup® inside your Keurig® machine and press the brew button. K-Cups® are extremely easy to use and allow you to drink your favorite hot drinks anytime. The Keurig® coffee maker and K-cup began with Peter Dragone and John Sylvan at Colby College. These two young entrepreneurs began designing the Keurig® and eventually launched the brand in 1990. Keurig® knew from the start that they wanted their coffee machines to create a single cup of delicious, gourmet coffee. This idea was new, innovative. It had not been done before. In 1996, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters began working with Keurig®. In many ways Green Mountain Coffee is what gave Keurig® access too their delicious name brand hot drinks. When you shop public Kitchen Supply's Keurig® manufacturing page you can find many Keurig® coffee brewers and Keurig® accessories. Today, Keurig® is an extremely popular brand and their success only continues to grow. You will be able to find Keurig® K-Cups® in countless flavors from numerous brands. Keurig® coffee makers work well in almost any setting. Keurigs® are great for homes, restaurants, offices, schools, diners and anywhere people crave, fresh brewed coffee. Be an individual, don't settle, and let every cup of coffee be what you want with Keurig®.

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