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H Wilson

H Wilson is a leading manufacturer of audio visual carts, utility carts ,and many other specialty carts. Specialty carts are a much needed tool in many settings. Offices, universities, schools, restaurants are only a few settings were utility carts are a common, helpful tool. H Wilson is an international company. They work with the United States, Australia, Canada and countries in Europe and Asia. Since 1959, H Wilson has been working with specialty carts. In their 70 years of experience H Wilson has learned a lot about designing and engineering specialty carts. H Wilson looks for where a product is needed but doesn't currently exists. H Wilson then creates products that fit to fill these needs. H Wilson's innovation and engineering has made it an extremely successful company. H Wilson serves world markets through their leading specialty carts. H Wilson carries specialty carts in many styles and designs. You can find specialty carts with cabinets, keyboard pullout trays and much more. We are sure you can find an H Wilson specialty cart to fit your business's needs. H Wilson offers a manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty on their specialty carts. If your specialty cart breaks due to manufacturer error it will be repaired or replaced. H Wilson's Whiteboards and Blackboards are limited to a 10 year warranty. Some limitations may apply depending on the model as well. H Wilson is dedicated to creating products that will last a lifetime.

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