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White Towel Services

Since their beginning, White Towel Services has strived to bring the Japanese tradition of Oshibori to the United States. Oshibori is a wet towel offered to patrons at restaurants and bars. Customers are encouraged to clean their hands with the wet towel before dining. White Towel Services recognizes the benefits of Oshibori. Oshibori encourages proper hand hygiene and offers unmatched customer service. White Towel Services manufacturing was founded in 2002. White Towel Services has quickly grown to be a leader in their industry. In 2006, White Towel Services was awarded the American Academy of Taste Gold Medal for Quality. The American Academy of Taste Gold Medal is a strong indicator of a products excellence, they have been judging foodservice and retail products since 1989. On Public Kitchen Supply you will find a large collection of White Towel Services products. We offer products like White Towel Services' 8"x 8" Pre-Moistened Refreshment Towels. These Pre-Motioned Refreshment Towels come in several scents such as lavender, lemon, peach and unscented. Additionally, on Public Kitchen Supply, you can find towel warmers. Keep your customers comfortable by warming their hand towels before offering Oshibori. Public Kitchen Supply's White Towel Services manufacturing page is a great place for restaurants, cruise lines, country clubs bars, spas and hotels to shop. Offering a clean, warm, fresh towel to your patrons is an easy way to immediately increase customer satisfaction. Public Kitchen Supply encourages you to shop White Towel Services, we think you'll like what you see.
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