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Fluke Electronics

Fluke is a manufacturer of industrial testing equipment, John Fluke opened the company in 1948. Over 60 years later Fluke maintains their success. Fluke's secret to continued success is introducing new products and maintaining its control over their bestselling ones. This smart, carefully calculated marketing has allowed Fluke to become a billion dollar company. Fluke offers products that range from commercial to industrial. On the Public Kitchen Supply website you can find products like KM-28 Thermometer and Probe Wipes. In the last ten years Fluke has furthered development in thermal measurement engineering. Thermal imaging and measurement technology has become an active part of Fluke's products. In 2009, Fluke created the industry's first wireless multimeter with a detachable display. Fluke is not only an innovative, billion dollar company they're environmental. Fluke has an environmental safety lab where Fluke products are tested for their environmental safety. These Fluke prototypes are shaken, shocked, frozen, baked and overall abused. Fluke's goal is to simulate years of hardware that Fluke products may undergo in industrial and commercial settings. The environmental safety lab is designed to expose product weakness. If a test shows a product flaw or limitation, Fluke re-engineers the product and then tests it again. It is this sort of dedication that has allowed Fluke manufacturing to be one of the best industrial testing equipment brands on the market. Make Fluke manufacturing apart of your business.

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