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Win-Holt Equipment

When it comes to product security, experience and company history is key. For more than 68 years, Win-Holt Equipment has proven why their company succeeds. Founded in 1946, Win-Holt Equipment has made customer satisfaction their # 1 Goal. Win-Holt Equipment works to bring their customers high quality products at an affordable cost. While you can purchase fantastic restaurant equipment at economically sound price through Wi-Holt Equipment, their true pride is their customer service. Win-Holt Equipments staff is well trained and dedicated to their work. With the help of Public Kitchen Supply you are receiving the assistance of two, international, award winning companies. On Public Kitchen Supply's Win-Holt Equipment manufacturing category page, you will find lockers and dunnage racks. Win-Holt's 6 Tier Locker comes already assembled. It is sure to provide ultimate security and added space to your business. Dunnage Rack is meant to hold large weight capacities. Win-Holt's Dunnage Rack can hold up to 850 lbs. Win Holt's Dunnage Rack and locker are only two of their many products. Win-Holt Equipment is capable of meeting country specific requirements, thanks to their international status. Win-Holt Equipment even contributes to a green, healthier environment. Win-Holt Equipment participates in lean initiatives in stainless steel, scrap reduction, temperature reduction on the wash system and an eco-friendly phone system. Win-Holt Equipment recycles all materials. Buy Win-Holt Equipment at Public Kitchen Supply. We will be happy to help you find what you need on the Public Kitchen Supply website.

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