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Pacific Handy Cutter

It started in 1950, when the first blat box cutter was create, it was called the Handy Cutter. The original Handy Cutter was first made in the United States. The Handy Cutter quickly became popular for its easy to hold handle, powder coated finish and affordable cost. Over 60 years later, the Handy Cutter continues to be an extremely popular item. Pacific Handy Cutter all started from this simple product, today Pacific Handy Cutter creates items like the Bag Cutter and Disposable Safety Cutter. The Raze Bag Cutter is a stainless steel blade protected by a plastic handle, the blade is completely surrounded by plastic. Use this cutter and eliminate the worry of cuts. The Safety First System Disposable Safety Cutter is great for all employees, its ambidextrous. The Safety First System Disposable Safety Cutter has a push release button which allows the guard to retract. This feature keeps the cutter safe when its not being used. Pacific Handy Cutter invested in a tool that they knew important in many settings. Today, you can find Pacific Handy Cutter products in warehouses, restaurants, retail stores and other places. Pacific Handy Cutter is a great manufacturing page for people who work in the food, grocery or hardware industry. Pacific Handy Cutter hopes to continue their success through quality products and excellent customer service. Purchase Pacific Handy Cutter

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