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Connecticut Packaging

Connecticut Packaging operates off the belief that service is the key to any successful business. Connecticut packaging lives by these words in everything they do. Combined with the efforts of Public Kitchen Supply, Connecticut Packaging is an expert in customer satisfaction. One of the key factors in customer satisfaction and service is doing things well the first time. With Connecticut Packing you won’t have to ask twice. Connecticut Packaging has become a leader in packaging and materials around the world. On the Connecticut Packaging page you can find many liners. Purchase liners for your food pans like CPM’s Premium 1/3 Size Pan Disposable Liner. You can find this same liner in 1/6 size. Chefs know that liners are a great way to save valuable time. Food pan liners allow you to quickly clean up messy dishes. Connecticut Packaging’ disposable liners are ideal for businesses that need to clean or switch food pans quickly. Purchase disposable food pan liners for buffets, cafeterias or catering companies. These are only a few areas where disposable food pan liners work well. Connecticut Packaging wants to help you run a smoother, faster kitchen. You will be amazed how small, inexpensive products will improve your commercial kitchen. At Public Kitchen Supply it is our duty to find manufacturers that will work well for you. We trust that Connecticut Packaging products will help you complete your daily kitchen tasks. If you have any questions about Connecticut Packaging or Public Kitchen Supply, call 1-800-458-1716.

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