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AJ Hansen, the founder of Clerét, creates products that are functional and attractive. Clerét was founded in 1986, after AJ Hansen realized there was a need for stylish cleaning supplies. At first, Clerét only made high end bath squeegees. Over 20 years later, Clerét now makes designer squeegee for cars, boats, kitchen counters, mirrors and more. The New York Times defines Clerét squeegees as "A squeegee with class, a piece of functional art". Business Week magazine claims Clerét is one of the years best new products. The Clerét has been awarded the best designed new Consumer Product by the Industrial Designers Society of America. The Smithsonian even has the Permanent Design Collection displayed in their museum. Products from Clerét has truly identified themselves as practical art. When you buy products from Clerét you will make cleaning stylish. Clerét products work well in residential and commercial settings. Clerét is a great brand for anyone who wants to enhance their kitchen decor. Find Clerét products on Public Kitchen Supply's website like the Plastic Board Scraper. The Plastic Board Scraper is a great tool for cleaning cutting boards throughout the day. Clerét makes this board out of strong, scratch resistant plastic. This one piece board will not break, rust and is easy to clean. It has a beautiful curved design, very stylish. Public Kitchen Supply encourages you to shop Clerét for functional artwork. Public Kitchen Supply and Clerét will be happy to help you find a product that will work well in your home or business.

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