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Pan Pen

Restaurant owners understand the frustration of food labels. Food labels can be sticky, tough to remove. Because food labels are disposable, they tend to be a small but expensive restaurant cost. Not to mention, food labels are harmful, they create waste. Recently, a clean environmental alternative to food labels has been created, Pan Pen. Pan Pen is an inexpensive, ecofriendly way to mark and label your food pans. Pan Pens work well with almost any type of pan. You can effectively use Pan Pen on stainless steel, Cambro and other food pans. Switching to Pan Pen will save your business money and reduce trash. Public Kitchen Supply carries several Pan Pen Products. We carry items like 13 White/ 2 Red Refill Packs and Two Pan Pens with White Refills. Pan Pen will save you time too. Cut the time it takes to peel labels, write directly on your pans!! Pan Pen will easily wash away with soap and water but it will not rub off until then. Pan Pen is safe too, it meets all health code requirements. It is necessary that you label your food pans, its basic food safety. Stop creating trash, wasting money, and killing time; purchase Pan Pen. Pan Pen will last for months at a time and will not harbor bacteria like old labels can. Pan Pen is a member of the National Restaurant Association. Choose the labeling product thousands of restaurants depend on, choose Pan Pen.

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