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Automated coin dispensers are helpful, time saving tool. Whether you own a restaurant or a store customers are going to have need change. Telequip develops automatic coin dispensers, automatic coin dispensers are a great way to quickly count change. Business owners know that manually counting out change can quickly extend lines and upset customers. Telequip's coin dispensers will eliminate this problem. Automated Coin Dispenser can save up to eight seconds per transaction when customers checkout. When a restaurant or store is busy, eight seconds is significant. Telequip's creates their automated coin dispensers specifically for retail markets. Telequip has been manufacturing products since 1974. With 40 years of experience Telequip is the best at what they do. When you shop the Telequip manufacturing page at Public Kitchen Supply you will find automated coin dispensers like Telequip's T-Flex Coin Dispenser or the T-Flex Coin Dispenser. Automated coin dispensers reduce the time it takes to count cash drawers, you will no longer have to deal with handfuls of coins. Invest in an automated coin dispensers, it will virtually eliminate all change errors. The automated coin dispensers on Public Kitchen Supply's Telequip's manufacturing page have a 12 month warranty. When a product has a manufacturer warranty is assures that it is quality. Telequip's Automated coin dispensers easy to install and a great purchase for store openings. Public kitchen Supply encourages restaurants, fast-food joints and retail stores to browse Telequip's manufacturing page. We think you'll like what you see.

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