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Krowne Metal - QAC Test Strips
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Krowne Metal - QAC Test Strips (25-124)
MODEL: 25-124
SKU: P13941
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Test for quaternary ammonium compounds
100 strips per bottle
Color-coded chart

QAC Test Strips (for quaternary ammonia compounds) – Are used to confirm if QAC (quaternary ammonium chloride) sanitizers are at the appropriate concentration for use in sanitizing food processing equipment. The test strips should be placed in the test solution until saturated, then after 60-90 seconds, compared to the color cart on the label for reading. QAC concentration that is too low may not thoroughly sanitize surfaces or equipment. Using a concentration that is higher than recommended for food contact items without a formal rinse may leave a toxic residue on these surfaces. Please consult your local health department to ensure you are meeting the appropriate standard.

Instructions for making a QUAT sanitizer solution:
1. In a bucket, mix solution according to the directions on the label.
2. Using quat test strips, dip the test strip in the solution to measure the concentration of the quat
3. Be sure the level is the appropriate ppm as per your local health department. 

Model: 25-124



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